Orthoarticular well-being

VITAMIN C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal cartilage function.

MANGANESE contributes to the normal formation of connective tissues, to protect cells against unwanted oxidation and to the maintenance of regular bones.

VITAMIN D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal bones.

Take the contents of 1 STiCK PACK per day, dissolved in a glass of water.

Joints are the means for joining any rigid part of the skeleton, whether bone or cartilage, whose purpose, in addition to contact, is the possibility of movement.

As we age cartilage progressively deteriorates, its repair slows down, the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joint shorten and become less flexible and the muscles that support the joints also tend to weaken.

Therefore, it may lead to discomfort and reduced range of motion.