Food suplements

Our passion for well-being is strictly natural

In modern society, food supplements are increasingly present in our lives, becoming an integral part of the daily diet due to 3 main reasons:

1. Increase in diseases due to modern lifestyle (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity…)

2. Increased average life expectancy;

3. Inadequate diets

In developed countries, mortality related to nutrition and lifestyle is approximately 40%.

Food supplements are products intended to complement food, and should be taken according to the specific needs of each person.

Nowadays, the consumer has within reach the presence and availability of information and, therefore, there is a growing paradigm shift in the use of synthetic ingredients (chemicals) for natural and organic ingredients, aware of their medium and long term advantages .

In addition to preventing and helping to treat diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and hypertension, food supplements can contribute to the weight loss process, help fight aging and treat malnutrition through the nutrients present in a wide variety of food supplements

Food supplements do not replace meals and do not serve as an exclusive diet.

Its function is to complement the daily diet of a healthy person, and for this reason it must be indicated by a qualified health professional specialized in the subject.

FarmaMT® has this concern in mind and is present in your life to promote well-being and health.